Selected papers will be electronically published as Papers in Proceedings on the Web under the directory Full papers submitted for publication in Proceedings will be peer refereed to DEETYA standards by members of a Review Panel consisting of the Australex Committee.

To ensure that your paper is reviewed, it needs to be:

HTML Guidelines, HTML Template and Template Guide

Our HTML guidelines, or formatting requirements. Our HTML template for producing your paper for submission. Our template guide.

Using the Template

To get an idea of how much (or how little) HTML needs to be added to an existing file, we have produced a page which shows the HTML source code of the Template file (see link below). The text you would supply is in blue, the tags are in black (assuming you have a colour display, otherwise all text is black).

When you click the link below, a new window will open with the HTML source in it. If you copy this text from the new window and save it as a text file in a text editor or word processor, you'll then have your own copy of the template file.

(You'll have another opportunity to get the template file when you read the Template Guide). Whatever you name the file, make sure you end it with ".html" or ".htm". That way, a browser will know that it's an HTML file, and will be able to read it correctly.

Show me the HTML source code for the template.

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