Australasian Association for Lexicography

Committee 1990-92




Australasian Association for Lexicography

Foundation Committee

AUSTRALEX Committee, elected at the inaugural General Meeting held at Macquarie University on 26 September 1990:
President       Arthur Delbridge
Vice-President  Andrew Pawley
Secretary       Bill Ramson
Treasurer       David Nash
Committee       David Blair, Tamsin Donaldson, Peter Austin

Memorandum (of 1/1/90) about the 1989 origins

Subject: OZLEX / ANZALEX / ?

On Friday 10 November there was an informal meeting convened by Bill
Ramson at the Australian National Dictionary Centre cottage, to begin 
forming some kind of Australian association for lexicography, similar to 

The Steering Committee includes Bill Ramson (convenor), David Blair 
(Dictionary Research Centre, Macquarie Uni), and Tamsin Donaldson 
(Linguist, AIAS).  

The meeting was attended by the above, and Joan Hughes, Rod McConchie 
(English Department, U. Wollongong), David Nash, Richard Tardif 
(Macquarie Library Pty Ltd).

The aim is first to cover language groups in the Australian region; the 
need to cover publishing and computing aspects is also recognised.
The plan is to propose a constitution for adoption by an inaugural 
meeting Wednesday 26 September 1990, during the joint annual meetings of 
the Australian Linguistic Society (ALS) and the Australian Applied 
Linguistics Association (AALA) at Macquarie University.  In the mean time 
a constitution will be drafted, and there will be an opportunity for 
airing of discussion papers at the May 1990 meeting of the Style Council 
at Macquarie University, for which this year's theme is "Dictionaries and 
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