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AUSTRALEX, the Australasian Association for Lexicography biennial general meeting will be held in Sydney on Monday 12 July, 2004.

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The Biennial Conference of AUSTRALEX (Australasian Association for Lexicography) will be held at the University of Sydney on Monday 12 July 2004, hosted by the Department of Linguistics, University of Sydney and the Department of Linguistics, and the Dictionary Research Centre, Macquarie University.

This is the main conference in Australia for people interested in all aspects of lexicography. Papers are given on a range of topics and on a range of languages from Australian English and New Zealand English to local indigenous and regional languages.

This year's theme is "Lexicon and culture", and there will be a special session on placenames, organised by the Australian National Placenames Survey.
The meeting also includes the Biennial General Meeting of AUSTRALEX.

To find out more about the arrangements for the conference, go to

A meeting of Style Council will be held the preceding weekend (9-11 July).

The ALS conference follows on Tuesday-Thursday 13 to 15 July at the University of Sydney.

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